ABout the inner committee


Imagine a small auditorium with a simple dimly lit stage, bare with the exception of a microphone and its stand. The spotlight is centered on the mic. The seating consists of a few rows of plush-covered cushioned chairs. The audience is diligently sitting their spot, each seat labeled "Reserved."

This is the auditorium where all my decisions are made, stories told, conversations held and every now and then an Inner Committee dance party ensues. Everyone has access to the microphone to share or vent or emote or laugh or anything else. Julia is in control of who has the mic and for how long they get to command the attention of the Committee. Everyone’s voice is heard and feelings are validated, and life progresses choice by choice.  

This is the scene in my head every day. This auditorium, microphone, and audience all occupy my head. Most days the personality - my 'home personality' - for this incarnation in my body is Julia. Julia is on stage for most of the time and leads the life choices, decided by her and the Inner Committee seated in the reserved seats.

Meet The Inner Committee 

My Inner Committee started when I was very young - my Past Lives introduced themselves to me gradually: the General, the Go-Go Dancer, the Kahuna, the Music Man and several incarnations of my Spirit animal as a Honey Bee. I, of course, have the little girl version of me there, Lil Ju. I have collected some additions to my Inner Committee via energetic bonds that I have made with Spirits disembodied. These are Spirits needing my assistance bridging or who were attracted to and chose to commune with my Committee. These Souls include my Soulmates Lil Todd, daughter Lilly, sisters Rachel Marie and Gina Marie, niece Harmony, my Boy, and Baby Bees. I also have two residents in my Inner Committee who represent the density of the dark side – I refer to these exorcized entities as Evil 1 and Evil 2, keeps it simple. 

There are seats in my audience for my current embodied human VIP, my twin flame, my mom, my dad, my sister & family, Soul family, and friends. The essences of these people contribute to my life choices as well.  

My Inner Committee is the ultimate Spiritual posse, providing emotional intelligence, clairvoyant insights, and wise assistance all day everrry fucking day. God love em!