Something strange going on?...Footsteps in the dark?... Sense that you’re not alone in your home? Do you get the chills or feel heaviness in certain areas of your space? 

My work with house clearing is to bring guidance and peace of mind to you, as well as clarity and pacification for the Spirit. When I complete a clearing, I come to the space to commune with the Spirit. 

Often, Spirits are lost or they are attached to a space you occupy; a space that perhaps they once occupied in another form. If Spirits are agitated or even just playful – humans can feel them, hear them, notice them and become uneasy or even scared in their own homes. The common term for such an interaction is “being haunted.”

I see myself like a lighthouse for souls lost in the darkness. Spirits see my light and are attracted to it. As a psychic with clairsentient abilities, that is, the ability to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas, I can walk into a home or space and feel the Spirits. I sense the type of people who lived in the space or still reside/haunt the home.  

There are times where the Spirit needs to be redirected or simply advised to clear the space by continuing on their path. Other times the communion is in the form of resolving a misunderstanding and finding common ground for the Spirits and the humans to co-exist in the space together. Or we find the need to exorcise the Spirit or human from the situation. 

I love to perform house clearings for people who have Spiritual activity going on in a space of any kind -- work, living, sleeping, outdoor, play.

The experience of the past life regression was deeply impactful. It brought to light themes in my life and lessons I am learning and connected me to a place within myself. My favorite part was the third session where we shared our notes and musings and what we both were experiencing. It was like a guided journey, a spiritual stroll through consciousness and as interesting as it was moving.” —R.

“Thank you so much for coming Julia. I actually knew you were coming but I was not sure what day! But that day when I got home I did the one thing I NEVER do! I actually sat in my living room and just felt so much relief I wasn’t sure why I just felt relaxed I felt at peace and then my mom told me about it till that day late night that you were here. So I put two and two together. The energy was so different I actually never really come out of my room being in the front room is so suffocating to me but that day it was just so different I can’t even truly explain the feeling it was like I could breathe ! Thank you!” - J