Life Reframing

Life Reframing is all about a shift of your perspective. The frame in which you view an experience may need to be widened, macro, or illuminated in a new way. Or, an experience may need to shift by decreasing its effect, micro. 

Life Reframing Sessions offer a pathway of change for people who may be disconnected from their intuition, suffering from emotional distress, addictions, relationship turmoil, overly protected Spiritual wounds, post-traumatic stress, or any other mental, emotional or spiritual ailment. Life Reframing Sessions can also offer clarity regarding behavioral patterns, life Soulmates, pre-life & afterlife communication.

During this Session, I will figuratively hold your hand through the reconnection process and support your path with my psychic intuitions. The desired outcome is to improve and mature your self-esteem, self-love, courage and equanimity – to live life wholeheartedly!

“Julia is incredibly gifted and amazing to work with! Her ability to create a transformative, safe and relaxing space allows you to explore and learn more about yourself. Julia’s insight and support have helped me grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible.” — G.

“Julia's incredible intuition is paired with an intelligent and compassionate insight. She delivers her readings with gentleness, but also with an earnest desire to get the messages across so that they can help and heal those that receive them...even when they are hard to hear. She even helps to break down the messages, and understand them from different angles, and I often think of her words when needing guidance with difficult situations and people.”  –J