Group Life Reframing

Group Life Reframing Sessions offer a collective experience of illumination. I have families, couples, parent/child, close friends choose to participate in the enlightening Session together. Topics such as grief, death, self-esteem, substance abuse are common where group dynamics can allow for increased healing. 

I have been through tests lifetime after lifetime and now hold space with my testimony for clients as they evolve. I desire to provide hope for the hopeless, love for the unloved, answers for the lost, and confidence for the fearful. 

“Truthfully, I was a little nervous at the first session. I had never done anything like this before, but Julia's soft, soothing voice relaxed me right away. As she was giving me instructions, my body melted into the couch and I drifted peacefully into another time and space. I have done two more sessions over the past months and each one has brought me new and unique experiences. She opened my mind and my heart to my Spirit Angels to whom I talk to every day. Some memories brought back some tears for those I have lost and some brought smiles of times I had forgotten. I feel stronger as a person having experienced all of these different feelings. I would recommend Julia to anyone that wants to learn more about their current or past lives. It's like of the mind.” — S.